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kiddush and oneg Sponsorship

DC Minyan is proud to serve an exciting kiddush spread after most Shabbat morning services and on certain chagim. Kiddush, our after-services cocktail hour (without the cocktails), provides our community with time to meet new people and socialize with friends.

As a lay-led community, we appreciate any community sponsorship of these kiddushes. You can sponsor in honor of a family or life event, in memory of a loved one, or for no reason at all! To sponsor a kiddush in honor of a birthday, graduation, accomplishment, or any significant life event, or in commemoration of a yahrzeit (anniversary of a loved one’s death), please use the form below, and email with any questions. 

A regular kiddush sponsorship costs $250 and you can specify special snacks or drinks you want included. You can also supplement a regular kiddush with catered baked goods or cold food from local kosher bakeries, including Baked by Yael and Sunflower Bakery. Please email for those options and select "Other" from the menu below, or if you have other ideas that we can work with you on. 

In addition, we occasionally have an oneg following Friday night services, with light snacks and drinks. A Friday night oneg is a great time to meet members of the DC Minyan community and make connections with members old and new. For information about sponsoring an oneg and upcoming oneg dates, please email

To sponsor an upcoming kiddush (or oneg, for a Friday night service), please fill out the form below. You must be logged in to view the form.

Thank you for sponsoring kiddush. Please feel free to reach out to us at to discuss your kiddush details or if you have any questions.
You will receive a confirmation email upon submitting the form.


The Kiddush and Oneg teams would love to work with you on your ideas and requests. Below are some examples of what we can provide.
Regular kiddush: Assortment of fruit, cheeses, veggies, hummus, dips, crackers, and sweets. Costs around $150.
Bagel Kiddush: A regular kiddush PLUS plus bagels, cream cheese, and whitefish salad. Costs around $250.
Lox Kiddush: A regular kiddush PLUS a bagel kiddush PLUS lox. Costs around $350.
Friday Night Oneg: Assortment of beer, drinks and snacks. Costs around $75.

Early Riser Oneg: Coffee and pastries put out at the beginning of davening. Costs around $36.
Other: You tell us, or we can come with an idea together! Some examples are pre-services breakfast, expanded desserts at community meals, special foods for Holidays. Costs are varied.
Any amount left over from the sponsorship will be used toward future kiddushes.
Mon, June 24 2024 18 Sivan 5784