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The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the executive committee of the DC Minyan and broadly ensures that the goals of the Minyan, as expressed by the Minyan Leadership Council and general membership, are being achieved. The Steering Committee is wholly responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Minyan, for setting the programmatic course of the Minyan, and possesses all other powers not specifically delegated to the Leadership Council. It is additionally responsible for working with Committee Chairs to provide them with necessary guidance. Committee Representatives submit budget requests to the Steering Committee prior to the start of each calendar year. The Steering Committee is responsible for presenting an annual budget to the Leadership Council.

The Steering Committee consists of four members of the Minyan in good standing, serving two-year renewable terms beginning and ending in January. Two of the four positions turn over each year.

Current Steering Committee members: Benjy Braun, Jonathan Warsh, Ariella Bock, and Dena Roth. Email:

The Leadership Council

The Leadership Council comprises leaders across various aspects of the Minyan and therefore brings a wide array of backgrounds and functional experiences to bear on Minyan structure and programming. The Leadership Council sets the long-term vision of the Minyan. It is responsible for the following: large or long-term logistics decisions, such as location of Minyan services or programs; setting membership rates; approving major budgetary expenditures and the Steering Committee’s annual budget; and allocating supplemental funds to Committees as needed. It also plays a role in selecting new members of the Steering Committee, as set out below.

The Leadership Council meets approximately every quarter and is composed of all Steering Committee members, the two immediate past Steering Committee members, if they so choose, plus one Committee Representative for each permanent Committee. Each member of the Leadership Council should be a member of the DC Minyan in good standing.

The permanent Committees receiving representation on the Leadership Council, and their current chairs, are as follows:

The Gabbai Committee

The DC Minyan gabbais, or ritual coordinators, are responsible for orchestrating DC Minyan services, including assigning those who lead services and read Torah. The gabbais typically reach out to community members to participate weeks in advance in order to provide participants with adequate time to prepare.

Current Gabbai Committee: Benjamin Epstein, chair; Jonathan Dine, Yael Nagar, and Abby Wolfe (Friday Night Gabbai). Email:

Special Events

The special events group coordinates and oversees community lunches and dinners as well as other holiday programming. To help plan a special event at DC Minyan, please email

Community Relations

The Community Relations committee is responsible for developing community building programming, maintaining DC Minyan’s membership lists, spearheading DC Minyan’s annual membership drive, serving as the point people for new arrivals to the community, and soliciting feedback and input from the community. For more information, please email


Our budget is reviewed annually, and the leadership makes sure that the budget continues to reflect our community’s evolving needs. The budget is approved by the Leadership Council each July. If you have any questions or want more specific information about DC Minyan’s budget, please email

Other Leadership Roles

The leadership and administration of DC Minyan includes the following additional positions. See  Programs for descriptions and duties.

Getting Involved

If you are interested in getting involved in leadership at DC Minyan, please email

Steering Committee selection

Each fall, the current Steering Committee solicits nominations for new Steering Committee members from the community via the weekly email and announcements after services. Any DC Minyan member in good standing is eligible to nominate any member in good standing. Candidates for the Steering Committee should demonstrate a strong commitment to DC Minyan, robust leadership skills, and a depth of Jewish knowledge.

Once the specified time period for nominations closes, the nominees are notified and are asked either to accept or decline the nomination. Nominees who accept the nomination are interviewed by the Steering Committee Selection Committee, which consists of the 4 current Steering Committee members and 3 members of the Leadership Council. The Leadership Council votes on which 3 Leadership Council members will serve on the Steering Committee Selection Committee. The Steering Committee Selection Committee votes to select the 2 new Steering Committee members

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