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Becoming a member is an important way to affiliate with the DC Minyan community. Membership affords DC Minyan attendees the opportunity to opt in formally and secure the financial security of the DC Minyan community. Members receive tangible benefits such as tickets and early access for High Holiday services and reduced rates for events, as well as intangible benefits such as support during life cycle events and the satisfaction of joining a vibrant Jewish community.

To become a member of DC Minyan, start the registration process by filling out this form.


DC Minyan relies on its members to provide the services, events, and learning programs that sustain our strong and vibrant community. Because DC Minyan employs no professional staff, the membership funds we raise go directly toward DC Minyan’s significant ongoing expenses. The majority of DC Minyan’s funds go towards covering the cost of space rental for weekly programming and special events. Funds also pay for holiday programming, educational and social programming throughout the year, paying teachers and speakers, purchasing and maintaining ritual items, and providing materials for other DC Minyan events. All DC Minyan membership dues are a tax-deductible, charitable expense.

Our dues year begins in July and High Holidays tickets are included in the cost of membership. Members are billed for their dues prior to the High Holidays and those who join after Purim will have their dues prorated by half. We invite you to sign up for membership at any time during the year. 

The dues listed below are anchor points for each category of membership. We welcome greater contributions from those who are able to help support DC Minyan. 

Full-price membership dues to DC Minyan are:

  • $360 per adult, or $720 per couple
  • $180 flat-rate children dues per household (for individuals or couples with one or more children, regardless of age or number of children)

Reduced-price membership dues to DC Minyan include:

  • $180 for an individual earning less than $45,000 per year, or $360 per couple earning less than $90,000 per year
  • $72 for Young Professionals age 25 and younger
  • Children's dues are waived for those paying reduced dues

DC Minyan is an inclusive community, and absolutely no one will be denied membership because of difficulty in paying. If you are unable to pay the listed dues, contact the Steering Committee at and contribute whatever monetary amount you can. The Steering Committee maintains strict confidentiality regarding discounted membership dues, so please know that we respect your privacy and hope you will sign up for membership. Do not hesitate to contact the Steering Committee to discuss paying in installments, reduced dues, or additional concerns.

Associate membership is intended for those who primarily belong to another religious community (e.g., out-of-town family and friends of DC Minyan members). Associate members are eligible for member pricing for certain DC Minyan programs and meals. Associate membership does not include High Holiday tickets or priority registration and member pricing for the Shavuot retreat, or other privileges, such as eligibility for various leadership roles or nominating privileges to the Steering Committee. Associate membership dues to DC Minyan are $100 per adult; children's dues are waived for associate members.


Please contact with questions about paying in installments or reduced dues. Please contact with all other questions.

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