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The DC Minyan Mitzvah List is an opt-in volunteer email list that is used to arrange food, logistical help, or other types of support during a challenging time. We encourage members to email if they themselves need help or if they know someone who does, whether because of illness, accidents, unexpected situations, or absolutely any other reason.  Please email or click this link and fill out the form to be added to the Mitzvah List so that you receive requests for support when they come in.

bereavement support

Please email to let us know if you or someone you know has experienced a loss. 


DC Minyan members provide meals for each other during happy and hard times.

Sign up below to see how you can help feed your community. 

Strauss Harris Baby

Contacts:  Julie (646-522-4345) or Adam (202-321-4599)

How many mouths to feed? 2 adults and 1 toddler

Address: 1768 Kilbourne Place NW

Preferred Drop Off: Before 6:30pm or after 7:30pm

Meal preferences: We keep a kosher home. No zucchini or beets please.

Other information: We greatly appreciate the help and are excited for our daughter to meet our wonderful community!

04/24/2018 Tuesday Dinner Name Ross & Shira Broms

04/26/2018 Thursday Dinner Name Erica Raphael

04/29/2018 Sunday Dinner Name Annie and Yochi’s Dreazen

05/01/2018 Tuesday Dinner Name Julia and Josh

05/03/2018 Thursday Dinner Name Aliza and Ariel

05/06/2018 Sunday Dinner Name Rivka and Dena

05/08/2018 Tuesday Dinner Name Rachel and Yigal

05/10/2018 Thursday Dinner Name Sandra and Adam

05/13/2018 Sunday Dinner Name Stephanie & Noam

05/15/2018 Tuesday Dinner Name Lauren & Kevin

05/17/2018 Thursday Dinner Name Erica Raphael

05/20/2018 Sunday Dinner Name Stephanie and Noam

05/22/2018 Tuesday Dinner Name Sandra Marks Adam Fagen

05/24/2018 Thursday Dinner Open Register Now
05/27/2018 Sunday Dinner Name Brad and Sarah

05/29/2018 Tuesday Dinner Name Dari and Jon Pogach

05/31/2018 Thursday Dinner Name Beth and Jeremy

06/03/2018 Sunday Dinner Name Deena and Andrew

06/05/2018 Tuesday Dinner Name Aubrey

06/07/2018 Thursday Dinner Open Register Now
06/10/2018 Sunday Dinner Name Bryce and Matt


Klein Baby

Contacts:  Josh (404-374-3810, or Rebecca (734-395-6750,

How many mouths to feed? 2 adults and 1 toddler

Address: 1326 Wallach Place NW. You can park on the street, or if there are no spaces, you can pull around to the back of the house through the alley. The doorbell doesn't always work, so please knock or call us. No preference on drop-off time.

Meal preferences: Our home is meat and dairy hechsher kosher, and we will eat dairy ingredient kosher/vegetarian on paper, so please let us know. No eggplant or pineapple please!

Other information: Thank you all so much! We truly appreciate the help and support!

04/30/2018 Monday Dinner Name Lia and Phil

05/02/2018 Wednesday Dinner Name Rivka and Dena

05/04/2018 Friday Dinner Name NatalieJay

05/07/2018 Monday Dinner Name Naomi Michaelis

05/09/2018 Wednesday Dinner Name Julia and Josh

05/11/2018 Friday Dinner Name Abigail Romirowsky

05/14/2018 Monday Dinner Name Laura and Gavri

05/16/2018 Wednesday Dinner Name Jon Dine

05/23/2018 Wednesday Dinner Name Rena and Roberto

05/25/2018 Friday Dinner Name Ariella and Daniel

05/28/2018 Monday Dinner Name Shira, Ross, and Aliza Broms

05/30/2018 Wednesday Dinner Name Rachel and Henry

06/01/2018 Friday Dinner Name Chill/Meiteles

06/04/2018 Monday Dinner Name Jessica and Stephan

06/06/2018 Wednesday Dinner Name Nicki Bodner

06/11/2018 Monday Dinner Name Stephanie & Noam

06/13/2018 Wednesday Dinner Name Stacey & Eytan

06/15/2018 Friday Dinner Name Talya and Rafi


Tue, June 19 2018 6 Tammuz 5778