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Reading torah

Interested in learning how to read torah (leyn)? Practicing your Torah reading? Many electronic resources are available to help out. To learn how to read Torah, try the Pocket Torah Trope app. Many more resources are available for free online!

Thanks to Cambridge Minyan for this description of additional resources:

  • Try ScrollScraper to get side-by-side images of the Torah text with and without trope and vowels - currently you will need to know the beginning and ending verse for your aliyah, which you can get from HebCal by clicking on the right parashah. (Other on-line tikkunim include ORT - which has translation, transliteration, and is easy to navigate by aliyah - and Beverly Hills Chabad.) All of these websites include audio recordings of the chanting of the Torah - the ORT site also includes haftarot along with audio.
  • For recordings of all aliyot, haftarot, and megillot, check out Rabbi Jeremy Wieder's website (click on "View all 637 Shiurim" and scroll down for Torah Reading).
  • For a simple web version of the Hebrew text of a parashah without vowels, try the Mechon Mamre site.
  • Looking for a particular parashah and its aliyah breakdown? Try HebCal, or see a full calendar with each parashah marked.

In addition, for recordings of holiday Torah reading, haftorot, and megillot, check out VirtualCantor.

Sat, April 13 2024 5 Nisan 5784