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Check this page frequently as new information regarding candidates and the election will be shared here.

Nomination of cANDIDATES

The period for nominating candidates for Board of Director positions is now open through February 14. 


The following DC Minyan Board of Director positions are open (all positions are for 2-year terms unless otherwise indicated):

  • Executive Officer
  • Secretary
  • Volunteer Engagement Coordinator*
  • Finance Committee Chairperson*
  • Community Relations Committee Chairperson*
  • Programming Committee Chairperson
  • Lifecycle Committee Chairperson*
  • Governance and Strategic Planning Committee Chairperson
  • Gabbai Committee Chairperson

*Indicates a one-year term for the first election cycle, in accordance with the bylaw

For detailed descriptions of these positions, click here 

If you have any questions about the nominations and elections process, please email us

Additional Information

When is the election: The first annual election for the DC Minyan Board of Directors will be held on March 20. 

How does voting work: The election will take place virtually using a web-based voting platform. Each member in good standing will receive an individual voting link to the email address listed on their ShulCloud accounts when the election opens. The link will allow each member in good standing to cast a single vote per board position. While there will be no write-in option, there will be a “None of the Above” option for each position if the voter is unsatisfied with the candidate(s).  

Who can be nominated: Any member in good standing may nominate any other member in good standing (including yourself) through completion of THIS FORM (note: if you are nominated by someone else, you will be asked to complete the form to accept the nomination). 

Who can vote: Every full DC Minyan “member in good standing” is entitled to one vote per position in the election. Associate members are not considered full members.  

What is a “member in good standing”: A member in good standing is someone who is at least 18 years old and up to date on any membership dues billed to your account (other than dues billed in the immediately preceding 90 days). This may not affect those with different payment schedules or excused requirements to pay dues based on financial hardship. If you have any questions about your current membership status, reach out to or

What is the Nomination and Election Committee: This committee is responsible for developing and adopting policies and procedures for the nomination and election of candidates including any factors and qualifications it will consider in evaluating candidates. Committee members will conduct interviews of all nominated candidates. Per the bylaws, this year's Nominations & Elections Committee is comprised of the four current Steering Committee members (Ariella Bock, Benjy Braun, Dena Roth, and Jonathan Warsh) and three Leadership Council representatives (Margarita Bronshteyn, Deena Fox, and Hillel Smith). In future years this committee will include at least one Executive Officer, two Standing Committee chairpersons, and two DC Minyan members in good standing who are not Board members. 

How are candidates selected: The Committee will assess candidates’ eligibility based on the factors and qualifications for the position that the Committee will establish, and which will be made available ahead of interviews. The Committee’s selections of candidates for the ballot will be announced two weeks prior to the election.

Fri, March 1 2024 21 Adar I 5784